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  • Amy Pirnie Muay Thai Trainer

  • I have coach and train a variety of individuals, from children as young as 7 who has recently won 2 world titles, to adults close to 60 years old who wants to get fit but have fun while working towards his goal. I have worked with individuals, groups and been carrying out some seminars up and down the country.

    I offer personal training to teams, groups or individuals.  I provide a comfortable and stable environment to train. It helps with confidence, drive and willingness to learn. Groups between 2-10 people, will cover Muay Thai based training, including pad-work, two step technique drills (controlled sparring) and fitness based exercises.

    If you are interested and would like to find out more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • Muay Thai

  • Muay Thai is a combat sport originating in Thailand, it is given the title as the art of eight limbs as it includes hands, shins, knees and elbows for striking and incorporates stand up grappling referred to as clinch.

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  • Personal Training

  • Adult¬† (16+) personal training is as it suggest catered to the individuals needs. Dependant on your goal will depend on how we approach your sessions. Muay Thai is adaptable, it is first and foremost a combat sport.

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  • Group PT

  • Working with a team or group of people you know provides a comfortable and stable environment to train. It helps with confidence, drive and willingness to learn.

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  • Junior PT

  • The sessions are designed around ability, skill level and goals. Every session is guaranteed to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable while learning new skills or improving on ones they already have.

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  • I have been training with Amy for a few months now to help supplement my regular classes and it has been fantastic! I feel I have come on far quicker under her tutelage taking advantage of her knowledge and skills. Amy is incredibly approachable and has a great analytical approach to the techniques she teaches. One of the best things is knowing that the techniques she shows are all tried and tested by herself at a world class level. I have had great fun learning from her as well as implementing what I have learned in sparring sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to greatly sharpen up their Muay Thai game and fitness.

    Danny Murray

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