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Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport originating in Thailand, it is given the title as the art of eight limbs as it includes hands, shins, knees and elbows for striking and incorporates stand up grappling referred to as clinch. over many years techniques have changed from the battlefield to the boxing ring. This sport is full contact and every strike is designed to stop your opponent advancing, cause them physical harm/damage to come out victorious. There is an advanced scoring system in place and most competitions are fought over 5 rounds. The sport is now becoming increasing popular all over the world, with the fitness needed to stand up and fight for extended periods of time the sport more and more people are using it for health benefits as well as to fight. Muay Thai promotes, CV fitness, strength, flexibility and is great for the mind.

Being involved in Muay Thai for almost 13 years I have coached and trained a variety of individuals ranging from 7 years old to almost 60 years old, for fighting and for fitness. Within this group I have a junior who recently picked up 2 world titles representing Scotland abroad, on the other side I have helped individuals achieve fitness and weight loss goals, now I have someone preparing for their first competition. At Inferno we have fighters competing often and I am part of the corner helping coach them. I am experienced working with individuals, groups and have been carrying out seminars up and down the country passing on my knowledge of Muay Thai.

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