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  • Lucca is a 7 Years old boy who broke his Elbow in 2014 after falling from a round about in a play park and to any parents nightmare the break was his growth plate to lead to a serious operation. Lucca had to get pins to hold it together and was a long time in the healing, but to everyone’s amazement Lucca bounced back happy as a 4 year old boy would and he carried on as normal. Lucca went from strength to strength by starting in a muay thai class at the age of 5 which he loved, and surprising to all lucca wanted to keep going back as he loved it. With hard work and determination From 2015 to 2017 lucca went on to become a Feb to July 3 x Intercontinental Champion in 2016 & July 2017 Scottish Champion.

    After achieving this Lucca’s Parents see something special , Lucca qualified for the World championships in Italy due to the backing of his wins and Lucca parents approached myself to train lucca for a World Title shot to which i thought would be a fantastic opportunity. I trained lucca 2 to 3 x per week 2 Months prior to his fight providing him with advice on his foods, recovery and mind set. In October 2017 Lucca came home back to Scotland after fighting in Italy not only coming home a World Champion but a becoming a 2 x World Champion fighting in 2 different weight categories.

  • I have been training with Amy for a few months now to help supplement my regular classes and it has been fantastic! I feel I have come on far quicker under her tutelage taking advantage of her knowledge and skills. Amy is incredibly approachable and has a great analytical approach to the techniques she teaches. One of the best things is knowing that the techniques she shows are all tried and tested by herself at a world class level. I have had great fun learning from her as well as implementing what I have learned in sparring sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to greatly sharpen up their Muay Thai game and fitness.

  • Danny Murray

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